The valr package provides tools to read and manipulate genome intervals and signals, similar to the BEDtools suite. valr enables analysis in the R/RStudio environment, leveraging modern R tools in the tidyverse for a terse, expressive syntax. Compute-intensive algorithms are implemented in Rcpp/C++, and many methods take advantage of the speed and grouping capability provided by dplyr. See vignette(valr) for more details.


The latest stable version can be installed from CRAN:

The latest development version can be installed from github:

valr Example

Functions in valr have similar names to their BEDtools counterparts, and so will be familiar to users coming from the BEDtools suite. Unlike other tools that wrap BEDtools and write temporary files to disk, valr tools run natively in memory. Similar to pybedtools, valr has a terse syntax: